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FCC Energy is a comprehensive and sustainable initiative of Dr. Leonhard Fechter to support emerging regions in terms of waste management. With over 35 years of know-how and German engineering, FCC handles projects for anything from smaller industries to municipalities all over the world.

Based on highly developed biomass plants, FCC Energy enables waste disposal and energy production exactly where the waste is being accrued.

With all its experience and German engineers combined with deep knowledge about the needs in emerging regions, FCC Energy creates a better life and a smarter planet through waste-to-energy.


Put waste into a FCC biomass plant and get energy out of it

How We Work

Our highly skilled and motivated team can specifically identify the needs of each individual project to find the best and most suitable solution. This deep knowledge of our biomass plants is the basis for finding the optimal sustainable solution for each site independently of project size. We are there for maintenance and support for each plant throughout the whole life cycle.


Waste Collection

For municipalities we organize the full waste management. This means we take care of the full process from garbage can, waste collection, waste separation and transport to our biomass plants.


Waste Process

The organic and much of the inorganic waste is burnt in our FCC biomass plants, which are designed and managed by us. Operation and maintenance during the life time of the plant are handled by FCC.


The waste-disposal generates electric energy. This energy can be used by the consumers near this plant or can be fed into the public grid. Because of the CO2 saved with the waste disposal, it is clean energy.

Our Mission

We have travelled a lot to emerging countries and some of us also have lived abroad. To take over responsibility and awareness for the environment and local countryside is a process which could be accelerated with the know-how we already have of our world.

To help these countries to develop faster so that they can have clean neighborhoods, clean cities and clean countryside is our main motivation. The effort required to reach a system for waste management is affordable for every smaller industry or municipality, and even offer a return on investment.

With our German biomass plants and our know-how from the past 35 years, we are developing and engineering the optimal solution. Our mission is to successfully operate our waste-to-energy plants over their life time and always in a conjoined way with local engineers, electricians and operators, as employment of the local people is an important part for acceptance and sustainability.

We establish electricity production from the urban waste and turn your area into a CLEAN CITY.

Why Choose Us

German Engineering, a unique technology, knowledge of the customer needs and a supervision of the full process from consulting to operation meant that we offer a sustainable solution which pays dividends.

Tailor-made solution

Our experience and the detailed planning upfront guarantee the best condition in terms of cost and process during installation and operation.

German Engineering

Over 35 years of know-how clustered in a variety of biomass plants, functioning as waste-to-power plants, producing dividends.

Operation and maintenance

To secure your stable power generation we also take over all O&M tasks, including advising local people to engage them and create jobs.

Dominicana Limpia

Our company strongly supports the “Dominicana Limpia” initiative led by Ramon Santos, mayor of Los Botados and President of FEDODIM. This includes separating solid waste collection at source, delivery of equipment, promotion of civic education, training of the staff of the town councils and clean points and recycling. The plan was presented recently in the “Educative Centers Clean Points 2019”.

We really appreciate the efforts Ramon Santos is putting in to encouraging the separation of waste.

“Waste is only waste if we waste it. – Will.I.Am”

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“As one of the leading super markets in the Dominican Republic we set standards for product quality and service. FCC Energy helped us, reducing the cost for waste disposal and we receive electricity which we can use ourselves.”

“As representative of the region from Los Botados we were happy to find a partner like FCC Energy. They take care of the full waste management in our community, establish a cleaner environment and bring employment. This all creates a higher standard for the people living here.”

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